About the Artist

Joseph in his studio

Joseph in his studio

Joseph Lofton is a native of Florida who lived in New York City where he studied at the Art Students’ League and the School of Visual Arts. He has this to say about his work:

“My approach is contemporary and consists of a variety of subjects ranging from landscapes to still lifes and figures. My medium is acrylic collage. My execution is flat and frontal and falls somewhere in the middle ground between objective and non-objective concerns.

It is not my mission to emulate realistic images, but rather to use objects as a point of reference in creating a composition of forceful forms and colors.”

Lofton’s early work was influenced by the abstract expressionist movement in the 1950s and ‘60s in New York City. While different groups of works represent different periods of his life, there is a definite style and composition that connects all of his paintings. His work is defined by drawing subjects in a flat, frontal manner and the use of brilliant color and bold, angular strokes. This style has become one of his trademarks, and he has developed it in his own particular way.

Music and rhythm have also been a constant part of Lofton’s work, influenced by his love of jazz. His works are influenced by the environment and the era in which they are created. Lofton says, “The artist must inevitably reflect his time…this is my time”; it is a time which spans almost seven decades. Lofton’s work over the last decade includes more subject matter depicting war, religious intolerance, and inequality. Lofton is now working on pieces using a technique he calls “Linea Collage.” This technique includes the use of narrow pieces of painted collage to outline his sketch the entire work is then painted, particular attention is paid to the details of the outlines. “Beetle on Clover” on the back cover is an example of this recent work.