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Reviews: María Gabriela Dumay, Instituto de Cultura de Morelos; Cynthia Hawes, The Herald Mexico; Leticia González Ortiz, Diario de Morelos

The majority of the art photography appearing on this site as well as in the in the book are courtesy of Miriam Villegas. Additional photographs, newspaper articles and files are from the archives in Joseph Lofton’s studio.

Grateful acknowledgment for support from the Centro Cultural Jardín Borda, El Instituto de Cultura de Morelos for “Exposición Retrospectiva de Joseph Lofton: Cincuenta Años en la Pintura”, Martha Ketchum Mejíia, Directora General; Gregorio Morales Avilés, Director Administrativo, Karl Ayala Ruiz, Director Operativo, Oscar Alonso Barran, Diseño; María Gabriela Dumay, Curadora de la exposición. Special thanks to the Department of Culture of the State of Campeche for the honor and invitation to represent the State of Morelos at El Festival Cultural del Estado de Campeche. Additional thanks to Countee Cullen Library – New York Public Library for Joseph Lofton’s very first show in 1955 and to the African American Museum of Nassau County for the 1973 exhibit.

Additional and considerable acknowledgements are due to María Gabriela Dumay for a myriad of reviews, content and for ongoing support through the years, to Everett Somersill for a quarter century of friendship and art appreciation, and finally to Joseph Lofton for opening up his archives and making this work available.

The artworks on this site are a percentage the artist’s total work, concentrating on works that are currently or permanently installed and publicly viewable. A small group are designated private. Our thanks to the institutions and owners of private works for permission to be included in this collection.

All art works by Joseph Lofton represented on this website are ©Joseph Lofton.