Joseph Lofton was born in Florida in 1923. At an early age he moved to New York City.

Lofton honed his craft from 1948-1954 at the Art Students League and from 1971-72 at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. During that time he became a prolific artist, creating his works in a loft in lower Manhattan. His art has been shown at many exhibitions in New York City.

After retiring from the government, Lofton moved to Richmond, VA and opened “Le Petit Gallery” where he held exhibitions for other artists.

Lofton eventually moved south to Florida, becoming an award winning artist in the many shows of the Florida art circuit.

In 1991 Lofton moved to Cuernavaca, Mexico where he built a villa, studio and gallery that house the collection documented on these pages. Many more works not shown here are held in public and private collections internationally.

In 2007 Lofton was honored with a solo 50-year retrospective exhibit at the Jardin Borda, in Cuernavaca. In December 2007, Lofton was chosen to represent the state of Morelos at the International Festival of the Arts in Campeche. He has since exhibited and continues to paint.