Lofton’s collection of canvases reflect his thoughts, opinions and messages through the different periods in his life.

“My style is contemporary and covers a wide variety of themes, ranging from landscapes to still-lifes and shapes.  My medium is collage in acrylic, and the execution of my works is flat and frontal, encompassing objectivity and non-objectivity. My mission is not to emulate real images of places and things, rather I use objects as reference points for creating and composing the strength and colors that emanate from their forms.”

Two major influences in his art were jazz and the female figure.  Lofton states that one can find every form in nature in the female figure.  He admired the female figure and throughout the years has tried to capture it on canvas.

The paintings in the music category reflect the love he’s had for jazz for as long as he can remember. In his youth, he went to the Savoy at least once a week. He recalls the first time Charlie Parker played, choosing his sax as one to watch. In record stores, he would buy and collect anything from Miles Davis and Sarah Vaughn. Later he met Miles Davis, who asked to see some of Lofton’s paintings. In addition to purchasing an original, Davis had Lofton do a painting on the wall of his townhouse garden.

The mythology paintings reflect an avid interest in mythology. After reading a few mythology books, he painted his interpretation. And after three years in the Navy, he had a fascination with boats. And in Florida, he was surrounded by boats.  Boats became the subject of the art created during that time.

The works painted in Mexico are figurative and colorful, and are inspired by the  mestizos of Aztec and Olmec descent. The art underlines the link between these peoples which, in Mexico, can sometimes be controversial.

At times, Lofton would comment on his disillusionment with the human condition and “man’s inhumanity to man.” Often during these times, he would paint concepts in nature, as in the “butterfly” period.

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